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Farm Share Week 5

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Farm Share, Wk 4

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This week on “What did they get in that farm share box?”:
lettuce (red, butter, lots lots)
cucumbers (two little ones)
zucchini (three good sized ones)
some random green that tastes a little bitter…not sure what it is
two small heads of broccoli

PYO: herbs
but I think we’re going to go to the other farm and pick cherries!

Farm Share Week 3 (6/12)

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Red and Butter Lettuces
Collard Greens
Green Beans
Summer Squash
Garlic Scapes


Farm Share Week 2

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Red Lettuce
Garlic Scapes
Bok Choy

Snap and Snow Peas

Farm Share: Week 1

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Sunday was our first day to pick up our delivered box share from Honey Brook Organic Farm. A local family is nice enough to let the farm deliver lots of boxes of veggies to their driveway each Sunday morning. This week our box was light–but filled with yummy stuff including:


We divide our share with another family and will most likely eat more salad this week than we have in a quite a long time. Along with the delivered box share comes Pick-Your-Own privileges at the farm. The farm’s about 45 minutes from our house. They post what is available to pick weekly on their website, so at least that way we’ll know if its worth the drive. This week it totally was–two quarts of strawberries, one quart of snow and snap peas and a bunch of herbs. We had a blast picking. Well… at least J and I did. The Kid mostly complained about being hot.

A Few Things

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Nothing big… Just a few things I’m looking forward to or thankful for…

1. Our farmshare for the summer starts soon. Honey Brook Organic Farm will be delivering a box to our town every week for the summer and fall months.

2. Design*Sponge. My brother turned me on to this website and it makes me feel happy.

3. I am so proud of my spouse. He’s just so dang smart and more than that he sticks with things.

4. Pandora. “The National” Station. iPhone. Gets me through the work day feeling (mostly) calm.

Happy Weekend, All.

Parenting Remix

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It has been no secret around here that since the Kid’s third birthday, we’ve been struggling to effectively assist him in regulating his behavior. (Read: He’s been acting crazy and we didn’t know what to do about it.) It came to a head on Friday. It was one of those mornings that I could just feel that it was going to be a disaster the minute he woke up. He got up late and we had to go to school for the annual Mother’s Day Tea. I was probably a little too excited about it. I’d taken off work for the morning so I could go. The Kid on the other hand just wanted to stay home in his pj’s and watch TV. By the time we got to school, he was determined to do the exact opposite of anything I asked. By the time we got home from school, I was in tears.

So, we have decided to take away or severely limit the things that might have been distracting him from listening. He went a couple of days with no TV, no iPhone, iPod or Wii. He also got his sugar and juice intake significantly reduced.

I’ve got to say…It has helped a lot.